Eating Abroad

Abby Posner – University of Sydney, Australia This may look like your regular, student living style burger, but in reality… it’s kangaroo. Kangaroo meat is as common in Australia as beef is in the UK (or at least so it seems based on my experience so far grocery shopping in Coles supermarket). Kangaroo doesn’t taste … More Eating Abroad


You never know where friendships you make during your time at Uni are going to take you. Last weekend Jakub and I spent a weekend in Munich visiting our friend Johannes, a former exchange student in Leeds who lived with us in Dev while we were in our first year. After spending seven hours on … More Oktoberfest


Paella is a quintessentially Spanish dish and one that has to be tried by anyone visiting the country. It is an incredibly versatile rice based meal that can easily be altered to suit dietary requirements and many different varieties can be found around the country and even within the same restaurant. Paella is a dish to … More Paella