Paella is a quintessentially Spanish dish and one that has to be tried by anyone visiting the country. It is an incredibly versatile rice based meal that can easily be altered to suit dietary requirements and many different varieties can be found around the country and even within the same restaurant. Paella is a dish to … More Paella

Life in Oslo

Adapting to life and culture in Oslo was not as difficult as I thought it might have been. The weather has definitely been different to what I’m used to. Summer was warmer than home, winter was colder (and much longer). The seasons are stark contrasts to each other, so you can sunbathe on the islands … More Life in Oslo

Vegan Travels: Brazilian Delicacies

Originally posted on green-beenz:
Like the majority of South America, Brazilians too are known for their carnivorous lifestyle with the main gastronomical attractions including meat throughout the mainland and seafood around the coastal areas. Ingredients used by the first natives of Brazil included cassava, açai, cashews and guaraná, however when immigrants started to arrive, new dishes and ingredients began…