Bayreuth Sommeruni

Last year I was accepted for my year abroad at Dresden Academy of Fine Arts. Whilst this was an incredible opportunity I was worried about one thing: I couldn’t speak a single word of German. The summer university language courses are honestly a life-saver, with the tuition fees for the entire course being subsidised by … More Bayreuth Sommeruni

Study Abroad Snags

Being far from home Although many of us will have left home for university, studying abroad represents a different and more independent kind of venture away from home. Once away, regular visits home may very well become a luxury whilst for others, expensive plane tickets mean it is not an option at all. We are … More Study Abroad Snags

Life in Oslo

Adapting to life and culture in Oslo was not as difficult as I thought it might have been. The weather has definitely been different to what I’m used to. Summer was warmer than home, winter was colder (and much longer). The seasons are stark contrasts to each other, so you can sunbathe on the islands … More Life in Oslo

Living in the ‘most expensive city’ in Canada… on a budget.

Vancouver has often been reported as either the or one of the most expensive cities in Canada. So, I definitely think I have some expertise in how to do a year abroad on a budget. And it’s not even that hard. Hopefully this blog will help everybody whether you’re coming to Vancouver or anywhere. I’m … More Living in the ‘most expensive city’ in Canada… on a budget.