Paella is a quintessentially Spanish dish and one that has to be tried by anyone visiting the country. It is an incredibly versatile rice based meal that can easily be altered to suit dietary requirements and many different varieties can be found around the country and even within the same restaurant. Paella is a dish to … More Paella

Happy King’s Day!

This semester has taught me that the Dutch love a party: in addition to Carnival, Liberation Day and Ascension Day, we’ve had the famous Koningsdag, or King’s Day. King’s Day is the celebration of the King of the Netherland’s birthday, and this year King Willem-Alexander (known affectionately as King Willy) turned the big 5-0. In … More Happy King’s Day!

I’m studying in the same town as my Tandem@Leeds partner on my Study Abroad year!

I knew that I wanted to study in France for my year abroad – it’s been part of the big life plan since I started learning French in high school. However, as it got to the point of making a choice between French or Business as my University degree, I took the Business road and … More I’m studying in the same town as my Tandem@Leeds partner on my Study Abroad year!

Study Abroad – Working while Studying

Working in a foreign land is an international exposure that helps us in enhancing our skills but it is often quite challenging. It brings about cultural awareness, grooms our personality, enhances our employability skills and helps us in meeting our living expenses especially while studying in a costly city. But on the other hand, working … More Study Abroad – Working while Studying

Sächsilüüte – Zurich’s Spring Festival

Since the early 20th century, every third Monday of April Zurich’s Spring holiday festival, Sechseläuten or in Swiss German Sächsilüüte, takes place. The festival begins with a parade of 3,500 people representing different historical guilds, everyone dressed up in medieval clothes, playing music and walking around the city. I have never seen so many people … More Sächsilüüte – Zurich’s Spring Festival