Eating Abroad

Abby Posner – University of Sydney, Australia This may look like your regular, student living style burger, but in reality… it’s kangaroo. Kangaroo meat is as common in Australia as beef is in the UK (or at least so it seems based on my experience so far grocery shopping in Coles supermarket). Kangaroo doesn’t taste … More Eating Abroad

Study Abroad Snags

Being far from home Although many of us will have left home for university, studying abroad represents a different and more independent kind of venture away from home. Once away, regular visits home may very well become a luxury whilst for others, expensive plane tickets mean it is not an option at all. We are … More Study Abroad Snags

My Best Experience So Far…Gold Coast, Australia

Studied at Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia My year abroad was spent in Australia, and one of the reasons I chose to go there, was for the incredible diving opportunities the country has to offer. My best experience was definitely when I got to scuba dive for the first time, and snorkel on the Great … More My Best Experience So Far…Gold Coast, Australia