Welcome to the LeedsUniAbroad blog which is run by study abroad students and the Study Abroad Office at the University of Leeds!

This is the sister site to LeedsUniBound, which is the blog site for incoming study abroad students.

This blog aims to provide a source of information for first and second year students who are considering studying abroad. Here you can read about students’ adventures and experience their journey as they share their hints and tips from their year away from home. If you’re unsure of a potential destination please give our student’s posts a read, they may help you narrow down your search!

Staff in the Study Abroad office also contribute blog posts from time to time, as do our alumni and others involved in international experience, such as summer school attenders and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office representative at Leeds.

If you are considering studying abroad as part of your degree, please visit our website or email the Study Abroad team directly on: outgoingstudyabroad@leeds.ac.uk

And don’t forget to follow LeedsUniAbroad on Facebook too!

Clare Redman (OSP) - Entry 1



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