Introducing the Leeds Study Abroad Ambassador Programme: Student Profiles

We are currently recruiting for the 2018/19 cohort of Leeds Study Abroad Ambassadors! Have a read of what our current outgoing ambassadors have to say about their experience with the programme.

Why did you want to be involved in the Leeds Ambassador Programme?

I really love getting involved and the Ambassador Programme is a great way to get to know both universities better. I always wanted to study abroad and now I’m here, I want to let other people know how great an opportunity it is! Leeds is a fantastic university and my first few years were so great that I want to share my experiences.

Megan Bloom and Sophie Foxman- Info session- Dalhousie

“Megan Bloom, studying abroad at Dalhousie University 2017/18”

I wanted to take part in the Leeds Ambassador Programme as it meant attending activities and events I wouldn’t otherwise allowing me to meet lots of other students. In addition, it is something I could mention on job applications to help distinguish me from other applicants.

“Nicole Mason, studying abroad at the University of Calgary 2017/18”

What activities/events have you been involved in whilst you have been a Leeds Ambassador?

I hosted the table for English universities at the McMaster University Exchange Fair, and I gave a presentation with the other Leeds ambassadors to students interested in studying at Leeds. I have also answered questions from a few students via email and Facebook about studying in England, and also more specifically in Leeds.

Adam Barnard, Elizabeth Langdon, Sophie White- McMaster

“Adam Barnard, studying abroad at McMaster University 2017/18”

As a Leeds Ambassador I volunteered at a study abroad fair where I promoted studying abroad to students in Calgary. I also helped with the Internationalization Achievement Awards where I spoke to guests about living and studying in the UK. This was a great evening where I got to meet many other students and share our experiences studying abroad.

“Nicole Mason, studying abroad at the University of Calgary 2017/18”

What do you think you have gained from being a Leeds Ambassador? Are there any particular skills or qualities that you have developed?

I’ve always been pretty confident talking to people but it has definitely developed my skills in giving people concise (and interesting) information. It also does help develop organisational skills when you have to plan the information sessions. Giving it was a lot of fun also. I’ve made great friends in other Leeds Ambassadors which has been lovely.

“Megan Bloom, studying abroad at Dalhousie University 2017/18”

I have developed a range of skills as a Leeds Ambassador, including: initiative, improved communication and email skills, planning and also the opportunity to improve public speaking.

“Hannah Patchett, studying abroad at California State University, Monterey Bay 2017/18”

Would you encourage other outgoing students to be a Leeds Ambassador? If yes, why?

Yes, I would. I think that it’s such a great way to get to know people, and what makes both your home university and abroad university so unique. It also encourages you to get more involved in university life because you see what you haven’t yet done in both countries. I’ve talked to a lot of people about travelling from Yorkshire, realising that I haven’t done nearly as much as I could be doing! It does not take up much time at all, and the study abroad office at Leeds are so helpful so the experience has been super great. They also send you some tea which was amazing!

“Megan Bloom, studying abroad at Dalhousie University 2017/18”

Hannah Patchett- Study Abroad Fair 1. JPG

Definitely. By taking part in events at your new university you get to meet other international students you might have not met otherwise. When abroad meeting other international students is just as good as making American friends. I also was able to know the university international office quite well, which helped when I ever had an issue as I knew where to go and who to contact.

“Hannah Patchett, studying abroad at California State University, Monterey Bay 2017/18”



I would, as the Study Abroad Office at Leeds provides materials and merchandise which makes it simple and fun to promote Leeds to other exchanges, and it is rewarding to help other students to choose their travel destination. I have also met other like-minded students who appreciate the value of travel to character development.

“Adam Barnard, studying abroad at McMaster University 2017/18”

After reading these student profiles, if the Ambassador Programme is something you’re interested in, please email and Kate, who runs the Ambassador Programme, will provide you with some more information.

A big thank you to all the students who have been involved with the programme this year. You have been a great help in promoting the University of Leeds across the world. We look forward to welcoming a new cohort of ambassadors!



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