Vegan Travels: Brazilian Delicacies


Like the majority of South America, Brazilians too are known for their carnivorous lifestyle with the main gastronomical attractions including meat throughout the mainland and seafood around the coastal areas. Ingredients used by the first natives of Brazil included cassava, açai, cashews and guaraná, however when immigrants started to arrive, new dishes and ingredients began to be introduced. For example, the Europeans brought wine, vegetables and dairy products whilst the enslaved Africans taught the natives how to use manioc as a replacement for potatoes during the times in which they were not yet available. Today, this tropical country’s cuisine varies from region to region, yet each culinary dish relies heavily on meats and dairy as well as fruits and root vegetables.

Despite this reality, Brazil still has a wide range of delicacies which are accidentally vegan, or which can easily be interpreted into a plant-based option. The list below provides insight into ‘vegan Brazil’, making your vegan/vegetarian travels just that little bit easier.

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