My message to the world on the International Women’s Day – I am proud to be a woman

It is said that, “Behind every successful man is a woman” but now women are themselves reaching the pinnacle.

Being a citizen of India and after studying and working in UK and Denmark, I can very well realize the importance of gender equality and women empowerment. I am myself a single girl child of my parents and I was entitled to all the privileges that are offered to boys.

Denmark is known for its “gender equality” where women enjoy all the rights equal to men, be it economic participation, opportunities (in terms of salaries and leadership), political empowerment, sex ratio, health or education. I enjoyed an equal stand while working in a Danish company. I often saw fathers playing with their children, devoting time to the family and mothers working in the offices and doing household chores. I believe, every country, in its own capacity, should set such benchmarks and should strive to give equal rights to women. During my studies in UK, I was given all the opportunities as a student and was never discriminated and these are the small factors that made my overall experience memorable.


During the course of my Masters in Leeds University Business School, we were also enlightened about the gender inequality prevailing in different countries all over the world. After studying Cross-cultural Management as a subject from LUBS and after living in UK, Denmark and India, I could very well compare the cultures of all these countries and realized that our society is understanding the importance of giving high status to women. Right from Margaret Thatcher to Theresa May, from Mother Teresa to Indira Gandhi, women have proved their worth at all times.


It is the woman that has made the world a beautiful place to live in. women are a blessing to this world. After all, being a woman and fulfilling all the responsibilities is a challenging task in itself and – I am proud to be a woman…!!!


On this special day, I have composed the following lines and this is my message to the world-

“Women have proved their worth at all times,
They should not be discriminated nor should be subject to any crime.

They have got glitter in their veins, a loving heart and dreams in their eyes,
They are the God’s most beautiful creation, they have the caliber to reach the wonderful skies.

Now that the times are changing, we need to change our mindset,
We need to respect women and give them freedom, else the world will have to regret.”
-Siddha Maloo.
MSc International Business (Study Abroad) 2015-16.
Leeds University Business School.


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