Things to do when in Nagoya, Japan


  1. Visit Nagoya Castle
  2. Go to Midland Square
  3. Have fun at Port of Nagoya public aquarium
  4. Eat hitsumabushi and miso katsu
  5. Visit Nagoya City Science Museum
  6. Take pictures with Nagoya TV Tower
  7. Visit Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens
  8. Visit Tsuruma Park
  9. Shop at Osu301
  10. Visit Osu Kannon


  1. Visit Oasis 21
  2. Visit Satsuki and Mei’s House
  3. See the World Cosplay Summit
  4. See Nana-chan Ningyo
  5. Eat hitsumabushi
  6. Eat melon pan with ice cream
  7. Visit Yamazuki river during Sakura Season
  8. Visit Toyota Factory/Museum
  9. Check out Nagoya TV Tower
  10. Visit Nagoya Castle

Sourced from, illustrations by Little Miss Paintbrush / @chichilittle


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