3 Things I Wish I Had Brought with Me on My Year Abroad… Porto, Portugal


When packing for my year abroad, I was certain that I had packed everything. I arrived in Porto with 3 huge cases that reached the flight’s weight limit, stuffed full of almost everything in my life. Little did I know, I had forgotten some essential items which left me feeling a bit lost in my first few weeks.

  1. Tea bags

Call me a typical Brit, but I cannot go a day without several cups of tea. The supermarkets in Portugal do actually stock Twinging’s English breakfast but they set you back around €4 for a pack of 20 tea bags. I would have gone well into my overdraft, solely because of tea consumption, if my parents didn’t come and visit me in my third week. They brought me a massive pack of Tetley and I could not have been happier.

  1. Books

I didn’t pack any novels because I thought it would add unnecessary weight in my case. I very stupidly thought I could just buy some or take some out of the library when I arrived in Porto but, obviously, all the books here are written in Portuguese. However, it has given me an incentive to buy a Portuguese novel and try to get through it before I go home for Christmas!

  1. A raincoat

Porto only seems to have 2 types of weather- hot beach day weather and storms. I often wish I brought a light weight raincoat that I could pack in my bag for the unexpected down pours!

Written by Sally Harper – University of Porto, Portugal


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