How I Found My Dream House in ‘the Happiest Country on This Earth’…Copenhagen, Denmark


Studying abroad is a lifetime experience which is full of adventure but it might turn out to be challenging as well if one is not equipped with adequate information. After living in the UK comfortably and coming out with flying colours, moving to Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark has been an entirely new experience for me, although both of the countries are part of Europe and share a lot in common.

For an international student, finding accommodation in Denmark is very difficult as the CBS hostel accommodation is not able to support all the students studying there. The only way to get a desired accommodation is through house rental sites on the internet because they are reliable and authentic. Though some of them are paid sites and are in Danish but they contain some real good deals eg. Boligportal, Airbnb etc. There are a number of options to be considered initially. One can live in an independent apartment which I won’t recommend since it is extremely expensive. Sharing accommodation with international students is affordable but I chose to live as a paying guest with a Danish family so that I may get to learn and experience the rich Danish culture. Actively exploring the house rental sites one month before arrival in Copenhagen coupled with the efforts I had put in networking helped me in finding my dream house. I even exploited my huge network of friends and through them I befriended some locals in Copenhagen who actually helped me in accomplishing my “house-hunting” mission. The only key to the accommodation problem is, once your admission is confirmed, be an early bird and book your room.

As a standard practice a rent of 3 months in advance has to be given so one needs to plan the finances well in time before moving in. Prefer looking for a house which is in the vicinity of the Business School buildings and the City Centre as it will make your life convenient. Before I started looking for a house, I studied a few maps to find out the best and the most suitable areas to live.

Copenhagen is a city of distances and CBS buildings are spread over a large area in the heart of the city. If one is an expert in biking, please rent a bike and be independent as the entire city is networked for biking and it saves time and money.

I am proud of my decision of living with a Danish family. It has not only enriched my knowledge about their culture but it has taken my experience to an entirely new level.

I have composed a few lines in this regard:

“I found my dream house in the ‘Happiest place on this Earth’,

Indeed, all my efforts turned out to be fruitful and worth.

Though we are just born in one corner of the Earth,

But it is all up to us to find a place that makes our stay worth.”


Written by Siddha Maloo – Copenhagen Business School, Denmark


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