Top Tips on How to Budget Abroad… Italy

Top Tips on how to budget abroad…

  •       -Budget airlines! Ok, I can think of more stylish ways to travel, but if you’re prepared to fly with these airlines then you need not worry about extortionate travel expenses. Download the airline app and keep a constant eye on prices to get the best deals. Booking in advance always pays off- I booked my flight home for Christmas from Italy last September and in fact it worked out only 40p dearer than the train I would take home from University in Leeds (& no less glamorous than Northern rail!).
  •       – Megabus! Yes I was shocked too, Megabus is not only the English students dream (price wise!) because they operate in many locations across Europe. I’ve taken some bargain bus rides for as little as €5 to Milan (over 160 miles from Ferrara!), Florence and Lake Garda. There is even an option to pay in GBP so no need to worry about a poor exchange rate (avoid this by using an international cash card, I would recommend Caxton FX). The best thing? WIFI!
  •        -On your bike! I am particularly fortunate to be in a small, rural City where I only ever travel by bike. A little English charm and we managed to bag ourselves a bike for the year included with our apartment rent. If walking or bike riding is a little too enthusiastic for where you’re studying, do your research and think about getting a monthly or yearly travel pass.
  •        -Go local. Unfortunately they’re not quite as well stocked as Tesco, but whilst studying abroad I think local fruit and veg shops are a great place to buy groceries. There’s plenty of them offering seasonal specialties and they all compete on prices so you’ll never pay much. Plus it is a great way to practice speaking the language and support local trade. If you fancy more familiar food, Lidl have stores all over Europe and here you can find English favourites- I go to buy baked beans!

Written by Harriet                                                                                                                                         Studying Law at the University of Ferrara, Italy.


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