Top Tips on How to Budget Abroad… Wisconsin

  • Food wise, I’ve found it hard to be able to cook proper meals for myself, but it is easy to buy cereals and milk for breakfast, and a loaf of bread and sandwich fillers for lunches. Here at Wisconsin, the dining facilities aren’t too expensive, and you can live off $10 a day eating all three meals there. But I’ve started having porridge for breakfast, which saves $1.50 a day, and over the year that adds up.


  • With regards to travelling, being organised saves a lot of money! Booking hostels, flights, buses, etc. early makes a huge difference. But if you want to travel, it is quite hard to cook for yourself, so expect to be eating out for most meals (some hostels, Hostel International being one, offer free breakfasts and are located in most major cities). I went up the east coast over winter break, for about 20 days, going to DC, Philly, NYC, Boston then Chicago and spent about $1800 on the whole trip.


  • Having a good idea of what you want to do while you’re here helps for planning, and looking into student deals will help. I went to an NBA game (Washington Wizards) for $15! And our International Student Services puts on trips occasionally, which only cost a small amount of what it would cost you to go on your own,so its worth keeping an eye out for those! (Went to baseball game for $15 with them, a shopping trip for free, and a days skiing for $15!)


By Charles                                                                                                                                      Studying at Wisconsin University


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