My Christmas Story Abroad… Canada and America

Being on a year abroad I didn’t really fancy travelling back across the pond for Christmas, so I thought I’d make the most of it and spend my first Christmas away from my family. I was lucky to be invited by my godparents to stay with them in Vancouver for Christmas itself, so took on the challenge of flying solo for the first time (I originally flew to Canada with other people from Leeds). Vancouver is a stunning city that feels so different and separate from the rest of Canada, there are so many extremes featured in one city. The typical North American downtown with dense high rise buildings in contrast with beaches and mountains that suddenly appeared once the rain clouds lifted on my third day. Christmas Day included a walk on Kitsilano beach followed by a typical Christmas dinner with my godparents’ neighbours and friends. While in Vancouver I was able to explore many of the districts like the old china town, downtown and Stanley Park, as well as making use of the City’s waterway system, taking water taxis across to the central island.

Kit 4kit2

From Vancouver I then flew to New York via Toronto for New Year’s, I have a friend who is on exchange in Wisconsin who had also decided to not go home. We thought that New York would be a cool place to spend New Year’s Eve, intending on being in Time Square for the Ball Drop we ended up on Brooklyn Bridge at midnight which was good enough for two civil engineers! New York is an amazing city and I’m really excited to explore more of America and Canada while I am over on this side of the world!

Enjoying the view of New York ( & the bridges) from the top of the Freedom Tower

By Kit


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