My Best Experience So Far… Grand Canyon

One of the most astounding things about studying abroad is how quickly you make great friends from all around the globe. Want to know the key difference between us Internationals and the Yanks, though?

… Internationals are itchin’ for a good ol’-fashioned road trip.

A few weekends into the semester, ten of us embarked upon our very own modern Epic, traversing the sweltering desert landscape of Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon. Our motley crew comprised of six Brits, two
Aussies and a pair of Kiwis, all equally eager to be awestruck.
joe 1

In order to break up the daunting journey ahead, we stopped off at a place called Slide Rock, where naturally smooth sections of stone have formed in a river eclipsed by mountains and valleys. It was a blast, and my friend got some awesome action shots on her GoPro too!
joe 2
joe 3

Knackered, we caught some much needed shut-eye in Flagstaff overnight. Despite an early start the next day, we managed to make it to the Grand Canyon with wide-eyed energy. And my days, what a sight.

The sheer vastness and scale was like nothing I’d seen before. The colossal crater stretched as far as the eye could see, with rich reds and brilliant oranges offset by the baby blue sky. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything so visually striking in my life.

joe 5joe 8

We clambered down a beaten path for a while before checking our watches and realising time was not on our side. The cars were due back in a few hours and we were 250 miles and a steep climb away!
The entire weekend was amazing and I enjoyed myself so much. Perfect imagery, perfect weather and perfect company – what more could you ask for?

joe 6

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By Joe


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