My Best Experience So Far…Venice

The thing about Venice, is that it’s hard to separate each individual experience. The city is such a crazy place to live that daily life is proving to be as surreal an experience as any. Just when you think you’re getting used to it you find yourself on the boat home from uni again, in a storm or during an incredible sunset and you realise you are most likely never going to live this way in any other city. It is especially crazy that I am living on a separate island to that of Venice itself, and my university is on a whole different island again. It seems forever difficult to explain to friends from home just how often I need to run for the last boat before I get stranded on an island for a few hours. Experiencing and enjoying the more hidden or less conventional Venice has also felt like a continuous adventure. Stumbling across St. Mark’s Square at 4am after a night out was a very unique moment in my time here so far. The square is normally
swarmed with tourists by day, so being able to dance across it and splash in the flooded puddles (the Piazza is the lowest part in Venice and therefore most prone to ‘Aqua Alta‘), just a couple of us in the eerily lit up abandoned Piazza, felt like something out of a film. It is proving to be a maddeningly impractical, frustrating, yet completely magical place to live. And there really is no other time of my life I can see myself getting the opportunity to live out such a bizarre daily routine, constantly being surprised by the beauty and the craziness of living on an Italian lagoon.








By Delilah






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