My Best Experience So Far…New Zealand

For a lot of people it may be hard to pick out a favorite moment from studying abroad, but for me it is easy; there is one stand out moment that defines my experience so far. Studying in New Zealand, a country 11,000 miles away from home, is a great experience in itself but I think most international students will agree that studying wasn’t the main reason behind choosing to come abroad. So after a whole SIX weeks of Uni work, we were all ready to start our first adventure in the South Island. After arriving in Christchurch and seeing the campervan we were going to be living in for the next two weeks, we were all wondering how we were going to survive. But that all changed when we reached  our very first destination: Mount Cook. Even though it is the tallest peak in New Zealand, it wasn’t actually one of the main parts of our trip and was more of a box ticker. However, as we started the hike and crossed the hill to see the views of the sun hitting the mountain we were blown away; we quickly realised living in a van was worth it. The scenery looked like a computer screensaver and we weren’t quite convinced it was real. It was surreal to think that I was exploring the world with people I had only known for six weeks. But what became clear is that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, everybody can appreciate nature. It is hard to explain to people because the pictures definitely don’t do it justice but it was the moment that made me realise I never wanted to stop travelling.NZ

By Rebecca


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