My Best Experience So Far… Canada

Ottawa, Canada


I currently studying abroad at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. It is only November and I can safely say this is the best decision I have ever made. My best experience so far happened only a few weeks after arriving. My three English housemates and I decided to explore the huge national park that is located 20 minutes from the city. We got a bus to the edge of the park and walked 10k to the first checkpoint, expecting there to be shops, cafes and bike hiring opportunities. There were none. We asked the information centre how to reach the lake in order to cool off and go for a swim, only to find that it was within taxi distance… we had completely misjudged how big this park was! After walking a fair distance in order to get a taxi to a small town called Old Chelsea, we found that the lake was still at least Johnson pic1an hour and a halves walking distance. It was too late to turn back so we started to walk. Walking turned to hitch hiking, and eventually a friendly Canadian picked us up. He dropped us at the most amazing beach on a lake that I have ever seen, and he said he was driving back to the city in a few hours and was happy to pick us up on his way back. We got in our bikinis and swam for an hour. I don’t think i have ever been to somewhere so picturesque in my life (see photo). As promised, he picked us up and offered to be our tour guide; he drove us up to a view point overlooking the park, showed us a beaver’s dam, and took us for a quick tour of the city before dropping us off at our front door. And that is Canada for you… 

Johnson pic2

By Laura


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