My Best Experience So Far… Singapore


My most vivid experience in Singapore was at the beginning of the trip, when we all went to the famous Raffles Hotel. I went with a group of course friends I had met after a heavy day of lectures. We had all been learning about colonialism, looking at how past structural and social changes still impact Singaporean culture. So when my course friends suggested going to a colonial-style hotel that was named after the British founder of Singapore I couldn’t wait to take a glimpse back into the past. The evening didn’t disappoint, on arrival I was struck by the buildings beautiful colonial architecture with its stunning white marble columns and floors. Once inside we went into the Long bar which looked like something out of a film, the floor was covered in peanut shells, which is unusual for a place that give out penalties for littering of up to $1,000 Singapore dollars. It was a fantastic and authentic experience to share with my friends; we all had a wonderful night of drinking the famous ‘Singapore sling’, laughing the night away and making the most of this opportunity. This was my favourite experience as I met some of my closest friends; I would love to someday go back to this hotel with the same group of people, to see where life has taken us and explore more of the world with them.

By Rebecca RH2



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